Saturday, May 03, 2008 Calvin Klein

"A Body Without a Head" at Manhattan Theatre Source, April 29, 2008

(photo: Tom Zuback)

After the death of his brother, poet George Carr wrote a series of poems in tribute based on the story of Saint Torpes, a martyred gladiator beheaded by the Romans whose corpse was set to sea and landed on the Mediterranean coast. The body, accompanied by a rooster and dog who were expected to feed upon it, landed untouched where the city of Saint-Tropez was founded.

Mr. Carr's late brother was a creative head of design for Calvin Klein, as well as an artist. One of his drawings serves as cover art for the playbill. It and other drawings are displayed at Manhattan Theatre Source during the run.

Mr. Carr's lovely poetry is filled with lush visuals. Inexplicably, he has felt it necessary to stage the series as a theatrical evening and himself, directs.

He has assembled a visually lovely cast of men and women, clothed by Kevin Carrigan and Calvin Klein. Unfortunately, the program makes it nearly impossible to identify the cast since their "characters" are not directly connected with each poem or segment.

The proceedings come across as an extended CK fragrance commercial with barechested, handsome young men and nubile young women who recite the poetry with quivering voices and crocodile tears. Not even the markedly professional appearance of Brandon Ruckdashel as the fallen gladiator who comes in for only the final segment can pull the overwrought evening into focus.

It was, however, an obvious labor of love for Mr. Carr in tribute to his brother. I think publishing a small volume of the text along with his artwork interspersed would have been more successful.

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Anonymous said...

agree, Ruckdashel was fantastic !!! The next big thing maybe.