Sunday, September 17, 2006

If Only the Carpenters Had Been Involved

"Rainy Days & Mondays" Lion Theatre and Theatre Row, part of the 2006 NY Fringe Festival. September 16, 2006

Well, as is always the case with shows at the NY Fringe, some are good and some are not. One might presume that a Fringe show brought back for encore performances might have earned that invitation through some good quality of the production, be it the writing or an actor's performance.

Having seen "Rainy Days & Mondays," I found no quality worth revisiting, other than a very pretty cast of boys. (If that's all you're looking for, there are plenty of venues in NYC to find as many and more without throwing away your money or your time.) The story was pointless and the performances wooden at best, despite the flagellations of Jamyl Dobson in the role of Lenny. David Reiser needs better career guidance. I've now seen him in two of the worst shows I've seen in NY - this and "Good Vibrations."

Had there been an intermission, I would have left then (like the three guys in the front row who slipped away during a blackout).

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